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im having a great time! September 12, 2008

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hey tails here from bells comp im having a great time! so were gonna show how fireball is doing taking the heat!



sonia:why are you so quiet

fireball:i got a confession to make…sonia…I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonia:aww thats sweet

tails:wow hes fine with it *sees both kissing*holy cow!*barfs and eyes burn* my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*eyes stop buring*phew

fireball:*faints into water*ahh refreshing!

greeny:hey fireball and hello lady!

fireball:greeny thats tails friend sonia

greeny:hi! *runs*

fireball:must of thinked your cute



WELCOME HOME TAILS! August 14, 2008

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hey amy posting saying we miss tails after he went home to the wild so we wrote letters to him hoping hes fine

*tails6000 comes in*

me:guess whos here

*tails comes in*


tails:thats right tails brought me back i missed you all some penguin went to the pet shop and brought me there and when i heard a guitar sound it was tails he felt very sad when i left so when he saw me he bought me back and he came and brought me home!

me:yup we all missed you

*everyone hugs tails*

tails:glad to be home!

yay summer pt 2 (dont ask that the other one didnt say part 1) July 18, 2008

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tails:ok pt 2 of this post we have tails and star having some time off their adventures since their paper thin adventure

tails6000:yeah me and star are playing paper mario ttyd

star:yeah*hears doorbell*hide its them*pauses game*

*people hide*

tails:oh thanx ahhhh *

*star hides in toilet*

*tails hides in pickle jar*

girls:oh well *both leave*

tails:good their gone!

the end!

yay summer June 24, 2008

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its finally summer tails had a big summer craze for work but now we can play again amy take it from here

amy:thanx bro as we know most pengs on the island saved it from sinking and our fellow owner saved the gift shop and the boiler room from herbert man that was good of tails knuckles take it little bro!

knuckles:thanx and we know our owner tails and his friendĀ star have been having some adventures lately we had fun with our selves we had games toys tv and well lots of fun good thing tails left puffle food in a bag in reach just incase and right now tails is right now watching indiana jones*hears knocking on door*… puffles tails hide!

tails6000:huh what oh thanx knuckles ahhh*hides in toilet*

star:its me

me:oh its only star good ok guys its just star!

tails:what a relief i thought it was mary test

star:about that… she was coming right now and is at the corner so hide!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone hides in same place

star*looks for place*tails can i hide with ya


*star hops in toilet*

mary:hmm must of left oh well *leaves present and goes away*

tails:ok the coste is clear


tails:star your good when it comes to hiding in toilets


me:oh a note

it says:dear tails and star hope you love this gift

your friends,the test sisters

me:i sence a bad thing coming on im gonna open it


me:cool my whip i left from that other story

amy:whoa tails are you

me:yes i am indiana tails

star:he is with me!


good story in a post huh!

until ourĀ  next post waddle on!

a special announcement February 20, 2008

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amy:hello amy here telling u guys we got a new brother he is smart and can type even though he is 7 years old his name is knuckles say hi knuckles


amy:see he can type!!!!!!!! well bye!!!! well now we got one extra puffle for tails to share with

a little cowboy joke February 19, 2008

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wantedposter.jpghere i the poster i made up because i had 100 rings in our pim and paints told me charm stole them but paints hid them in his igloo so i pretended to play cowoy so he was the criminal and i was the cop heres the fake picture

something strange January 13, 2008

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is anythng going on here suspicious i think Mr.L is coming back if u see a comment with a signature of Mr.L let us know!!!!!

hey guys its us January 12, 2008

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amy:hello and welcome to our site tails asked lime if he can do this and he gave all credit for this so here we are if u get trouble memorizing us ones fly and ones mcmaner and im amy and pinky is in her room playing some sonic

tails:im her bro tails well not the owner the puffle well this is kinda fun with this site wll catch ya later